How do I set up my wakeboard stance?

How to: Set up your wakeboard stance?

There are a couple of simple methods for this. First we relate to our animal friends! Duck feet! Stand comfortably on the floor and do a squat. Look for any unwanted pressure in your knees or joints. Another option is to jump off something low and see the angle of your feet and how they naturally land. Now think about the outward direction your feet and knees are pointed. Position your wakeboard bindings on your board with the bindings toes slightly tweaked out toward the tips of the wakeboard. The angle at which you set your duck stance varies depending on your preference, but your stance should be completely symmetrical. This will not only give you a firm feel and control of your wakeboard, but it will also help you avoid injury. Most boots now list angle increments on the plates. A default angle of 12 degrees out with boots placed just wide of your shoulders is a good place to start until you develop your own stance preference.

There is no standard formula to achieve a correct stance. Two wakeboarders of identical heights and with similar riding styles may prefer different stances.  In general, the taller you are the wider your stance. The most important aspect of the stance is how comfortable the rider feels. Just like wearing shoes, comfort translates to performance in wakeboarding.

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