• 2019 Slingshot Wakeboards Are Now Live!

    2019 Slingshot Wakeboards 2019 Slingshot Wakeboard Blems are now live! The industries toughest boards at a fraction of the cost! Click the links to the side to start shopping! 100% Manufacture warranties still apply! 
  • How do I set up my wakeboard stance?

    How to: Set up your wakeboard stance? There are a couple of simple methods for this. First we relate to our animal friends! Duck feet! Stand comfortably on the floor and do a squat. Look for any unwanted pressure in your knees or joints. Another option is to jump off something low and see the angle of your feet and how they naturally land....
  • How to: Choose the Correct Wakeboard Bindings

    How to: Choose the Correct Wakeboard Bindings! The most important factors when determining which wakeboard bindings are right for you are listed below. Wakeboard bindings vary significantly in flex, their closure systems, the way they fit and the systems by which they attach to your wakeboard. The Flex Flex is one of the most important factors in deciding which wakeboard bindings are right for you. The flex...
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