2017 Slingshot Super Grom

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Every year the kids at the cable park are getting younger, and continue to impress the industry at the progression at a young age! Slingshot acknowledges the Groms who need a wakeboard that can perform at a high level at the cable, and behind the boat! This Board has a Soft Flex, allowing lightweight riders to flex the board and get a better feel under their feet. This simple shape has Dual NACA channels, for great edge hold, making edging into the wake, or toward their favorite feature at the park easier. Just like the Adult Cable series, the Grom includes the new Ballistic Park Base, and Carbon Bedrock M6 inserts, and dual NACA Channels.

• The obvious choice for young shredders 
• Soft flex allows lightweight riders to feel the board’s energy 
• Loose feel when finless teaches proper edging technique 
• Bolt-on fins offer plenty of traction for riding boat 
• Extremely durable edges for “accidents”