2016 Humanoid Odyssey Bindings

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The Odyssey is laced up, battle proven, and slick as hell. This bad boy is still and high and perfect for crushing the wake.


  • SMART TOOF TECH: is the foundation of Humanoid's unified boot upper & bottomless binding chassis design. It simplifies chassis stance adjustments by angling the binding teeth vertically to completely eliminate loose screw binding wobbles associated with everyday riding. This patent pendiing tech is the most simple & secure boot to board mounting system today.
  • FLIGHT FOAM: All the comforts you need while taking flight without any of the excess baggage. Flight Foam is Humanoid's secret for producing some of the lightest EVA moldable liners on the market. Flight Foam features anatomically contoured footbeds, molded liner tongues, and J bars for snug ankle support where you need it. Those barnacle ridden feet of yours will be flying first class.
  • I.L.L. CLOSURE: Three separate locations of adjustable boot tension maximizes your preference of feet stability. Upper and lower springless lace locks keep your customized fit maintained during riding and an optional upper Velcro strap keep things quick, clean, and add support in the upper collar.
  • SWAMP FOOT DRAINAGE: Water logged boots can feel like cement shoes and wear you down quickly. 20+ footbed holes located in the toe, heel, and directly underfoot quickly drain water and aid in boot moisture & temperature control. 
  • CRASH PANELS: When you’re putting down the landing gear Crash Panels help minimize common areas of aches, pains, and pinches from wakeboarding. Our elastic heel panel and molded tongue panels stretch at common points of hyper flexion to help with tweaks and making big airs easier on the feet.